Mailbox Is Nearly Full

by Christian Bishop

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This is a concept album I made that relys on samples or voicemails for the tone of the song. I came up with this idea after my grandfather left me the voicemail seen in "Racing Towards A Red Light".


released October 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Christian Bishop Scarsdale, New York

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Track Name: The Days When You're Away
Its always the days when your away
When you cant tell me what to say
Its always when I'm fighting waves
When I start to misbehave

Its always the days i lose my skin
And i cant tell what i believe in
I see is the world and its spinning
Seen it since the beginning

It always the days we lost our words
Cuz there were sweeter songs to be heard
Its always the weird things pickin me up
like drinking in the back of a truck

Cuz the sun can wait
The stars must shine
The trees will shake
But well be fine
Track Name: Dreams My Mind Remebers
Id have dreams of trains passing by
Chugging under an inky sky
Sunken ships in empty seas
Floating on a dismal breeze
each night id have dreams like these

ones with black holes
Empty rainbows dark as coal
Blank rooms
how can I make my life bloom?

Maybe Ill dream some friends instead
To kill the monsters under my bed
With all these ghosts on my side
I felt less dark inside my mind
I felt less dark in my mind
don't you know i felt less dark in my mind
Track Name: Lettuce!
Don't you say a word
To your friends unheard
Only speak of destination
Dont give into complication
You and me
Let us be free

No more complication

Don't you cry
You will live till you die
If play by their rules
And become a fool
Live lonely each day
Whose game did you play?

Let us be free
Let us see what we’ll see
Let us run
Let us die under our sun
Not live
Under their moon
Track Name: The Cantaloupe Effect
Dancing sticks in my eyelids
Tears in my tomorrows
Due to smiles I borrowed

Laughing in my teeth
But shakes in my arms
Thoughts moving in my head
But I haven't left my bed

Wondering who did this to me
Biting things I could never see
Saying things You wouldnt accept
Wishing for memories i never kept
Track Name: Between You And I
Your hair of crimson alys kept me wishing
for lips un bitten and roads un driven
Time after time I found That the sound
Of me dreaming left tears streaming

To separate these lines
between you and I
A thousand times I’d say goodbye

Id say tomorrow Would be better
I know because you checked The weather
Words you threw to show affection
Were nothing but ripples in reflection
wondered if your dreams were like mine
I never read between the lines in your eyes

I can't read
The lines
They separate you and I

I believe
You take a part of me when you leave
Can I borrow your better half?
I promise ill give it back
Eventually you will need it
Track Name: Pullin' Pals Like Baby Teeth
You know im burnin bridges
With old friends
You know I'm Puling stitches
From hearts I could not mend

I get older each year
With a tear and a sigh
Ive found A goodbye
Is better than a lie
Although you cannot cry
The clouds will roll by
And the clouds will roll by

When you leave my home
Dont come runnin to me
Your anger oh she blinded me
And I just dont know
Should I be high or low

When I was a little ill amit
Id pull my baby teeth
So mew ones could fit
But there were only empty gums beneath
Track Name: A Boy? Afraid To Die?
On the day where sunshine stops
Creeping over fall treetops
Leaves of red and yellow
Thats when ill say hello
To winters cold mellow

Im a leaf on a tree and
so are you
You gotta grow more leaves to get through
yea im a good seed
So are you
Spreding it is what you gotta do

There is nothing more dangerous than a man afraid to die
I ill hope for it sometime
When ive spent my life dyin

Whenever i tried to write that love song
It slowly took my breath away
I always had the words wrong
You didn't hear them anyway
Track Name: Racing Towards A Red Light
Dreams of racing through crossway
I feel the light fading bit by bit
By now its barely lit

Hoping for luck under a yellow light
I don't believe in god but im prayin tonight
Feelings got to my head
And the lights already red

Hoping that one day
Things will be okay
Bluegrass will turn green
Thats what we've seen
In every single dream

I tried so hard to run
Faster than time
So I could catch the sun
And make life sublime

Little did I find
Red lights led me blind
Straight into the back of a van
Thats where my car ran

Thats what happens when you race time
Its always been my biggest crime
Racing towards a red light
Always fell too right
Track Name: Nebulotic Milky Way Culture
Life ain't forever
If it was would it be any better
While im here ill waste one day
To feel this way
To feel the milky way

I can see your eyes caught up in the stars
Looking at skies much too far
Im just thinking trains
Fly like airplains
Cuz I'm Seeing the moon half full
I don't mean im strange

When I'm done
Milking in cream cheese on the sun
Ill see rainbows on jupiter
wishing I could see her
Playing a gig on neptune
God im outta tune

living this milky way lifestyle
Been doing it for a while
And it always made me smile
Im Nebulotic
Cuz obsessed with the stars
Life moves too quick
To stay where we are
Track Name: Times A Gettin' Old
Didn't own dreams of my own
When I walked alone
I always found a home
Whenever you'd come along
That's why im singing this song

Oh how did the feeling grow
When I needed it the most
Whenever Im feeling low
Id play you a couple notes
Your tears dripping in slow

You said dont wish for gold
For theres much more to hold
I got my whole life from you
I just wish you knew
All the things that you do

Scatter to the wind
I know you wont spread me thin
When Ive got no one to hold
And oh times a gettin old